Honey Sommelier Sarah Wyndham Lewis talk about us at the event: Terra Madre Fringe 2020

Honeybees have existed for more than 80 million years. Honey from wild bees was mankind’s first luxury food; literally, the sweetest food on earth. Across the millenia, honey has supported human cultural development in countless different ways; as food and drink, as a trading currency, as medicine and as a component of mythology and religious practice. How then has honey now become one of the most debased foodstuffs on the planet; adulterated, blended and promoted as a cheap sugary commodity? Have its roots been lost in modern food production? Honey Sommelier Sarah Wyndham Lewis examines real honey’s continuing connection with the soil and humanity through the stories of four Ark of Taste honeys; their unique flavours and terroirs and the lives of their producers

In conversation with the Chef and Broadcaster, Paula McIntyre

The Honeys:

  • Arbutus/Wild Strawberry Tree (Greece – from Odysea)
  • Mokarana (Madagascar)
  • Leatherwood (New Zealand)
  • Melipona Beechii (Cuba – from Mieles Don Ferro)

Sarah Wyndham Lewis is an Italian-trained Honey Sommelier and co-founder of Bermondsey Street Bees, a London (UK) -based sustainable beekeeping practice. She speaks and writes widely, championing local, raw varietals and artisan producers over factory ‘honey’ constructed by food scientists. Sarah is also a Great Taste Awards Judge, runs honey tastings for food professionals and trains chefs and bartenders.

Here bellow an extract of the video where Sarah Wyndham Lewis talk about our honey.

Terra Madre Fringe. (Oct 19, 2020). Honey Slow Food and Cultural Powerhouse [Video]. YouTube. https://youtu.be/qQOaMHevbGI