Have you ever tasted  melipona honey?

Raw melipona honey is the most extraordinary sweet liquid that existe on planet earth. It is produced by meliponas bees from the concentrated nectar of thousands of flowers. Real raw melipona honey comes directly from the hive. It is totally unheated, unpasteurized, unprocessed honey. It is a powerful superfood gathered by one of the most unique creatures on our planet.

Mieles Don Ferro produce a honey that is 100% Melipona Beecheii Bee Honey, our honey is hand-harvested, never heated and you will never find any additives or antibiotics on it. Our honey is produced following non-invasive principles towards bees and their environment. It is a high quality, 100% natural product. The beehives are located in an area surrounded by mountains where wildflowers abound.

Our hives are inhabited by bees of the Melipona Beecheii species. They are stingless bees that live in permanent colonies. They are 2 cm long and are excellent pollinators. They produce honey with an accentuated acidity level due to its high content of pollen and the particular storage method that bees use within the hive.

Our hives are located in the Alturas de Banao Ecological Reserve, in the south-center of Cuba. This area is categorized as a National Park. The park holds more than a thousand species of different plants, been several of them endemic to the area.

Here more than 60 varieties of orchids and about 250 varieties of ferns are protected. The Begonia Banaense is endemic to this area as well. There is a particular microclimate at the park and a large amount of water produced by water springs that are born in its mountains. Our beehives enjoy the ideal conditions to produce high-quality honey. The local floral diversity permeates our honey with exotic aromas that fill the palates of those who taste it.

Our Melipona Honey is:

– 100% pure
– without artificial additives
– matured
– originated from Alturas de Banao Ecological Reserve
– No antibiotics
– No sweeteners
– Unheated

We follow high-quality standards in the process of harvesting our honey and we care a lot about our bees.